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Advanced Business Application Programming it is anobject-oriented programming language used to develop applications for the SAP R/3 system, but was originally used for SAP R/2. It was developed by the German company SAP AG. The syntax of ABAP is somewhat similar to COBOL. ABAP was and remains the programming language for the development and modification of SAP applications.



  • Introduction to ERP
  • Introduction to the world of SAP
  • SAP R/3 Architecture
  • SAP Landscape
  • SAP Easy Access

Introduction to ABAP

  • Basic Constructs of ABAP programming
  • Understanding Data types and Operators
  • Control Statements
  • ABAP Workbench

ABAP Data Dictionary

  • Domains
  • Data Elements
  • Tables
  • Structures
  • Views
  • Table Types
  • Search Help Objects

ABAP Programming – Part I

  • Structure definition in ABAP program
  • Work Areas
  • Internal Tables
  • Operations On Internal Tables
  • Control Break Statements
  • Need for Modularization Techniques
  • Subroutines
  • Function Modules
  • Introduction Open SQL
  • SELECT statements
  • Select statements for multiple tables

ABAP Programming – Part II

  • Types of Reports
  • Classical Reports
  • Interactive Reports
  • Events in Reporting
  • ALV (ABAP List Viewers) Reports(Classical)

ABAP Programming – Part III

  • Module Pool Programming
  • Graphical Screen Painter
  • Events in Screen Programming
  • Sub-Screen Designing

ABAP Programming – Part IV

  • Introduction to Data Migration
  • File Processing in ABAP program
  • Working with Presentation Server files
  • BDC (Batch Data Communication)
  • Transaction Recording using SHDB
  • Call transaction Method
  • Session Method
  • BAPI Method
  • LSMW (Legacy System Migration WorkBench)

ABAP Programming – Part V

  • SAP Scripts
  • Smartforms

ABAP Programming – Part VI

  • Introduction to Enhancements
  • User Exits
  • Customer Exits
  • BADI’s

ABAP Programming – Part VII

  • OO-ABAP Introduction
  • Classes and Object
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Interfaces
  • Instance and static

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